Updates (Documents)

In time I will be removing each document from the website. Please do feel free to keep a copy of any documents posted on this page and distribute as you wish.

Notable Cases

Jeffrey Epstein Prosecution

Epstein Defense Motion July 11 2019

Epstein Govt Response to Motion July 12 2019

Julian Assange Prosecution

Assange Superseding Indictment May 23 2019


Backpage Indictment March 28 2018

Salvador Magluta BOP case (Florence ADMAX)

Magluta Declaration CO July 24 2017

MyRedBook taken down by the feds:

MyRedBook Indictment 24 June 2014

MyRedBook Order 24 June 2014

MyRedBook Initial Appr 25 June 2014

Omuro Attorney ID Info 2 July 2014

Omuro Stipulation 2 July 2014

Omuro Stipulation Order 2 July 2014

Lanoce Annmarie Plea Change Nov 20 2014

Omuro Eric Stipulation 1 Dec 2014

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Civil Rights Complaint

Read the Complaint against the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Louis Genovese (a 300 lb. pig – literally and one of my son’s numerous abusive and false traffic stops in this state) and 3 more deputies for their home invasion and attack of a homeowner. Where is the DOJ??? These thugs are criminals parading as cops:

Hernando County SO Civil Rights Suit

Nino Lyons Case – Prosecutor Misconduct

USA-v-Lyons Memorandum Opinion

Aphrodite Companions Case

Aphrodite Companions Complaint

Aphrodite Companions Detention Order 18 July 2013

Aphrodite Companions Docket Report

Aphrodite Companions Hearing 30 July 2013

Aphrodite Companions 13 August 2013

Aphrodite Companions Case Closed 13 August 2013

Aphrodite Companions Indictment 12 August 2013

Aphrodite Companions Arraignment 13 August 2013

Aphrodite Companions Order 14 August 2013

Aphrodite Companions Order to Continue 14 August 2013

Torey Breedlove Estate – Civil Suit (Mr. Breedlove was killed by Orange County, FL Sheriff’s Deputies that fired 130 rounds in January of 2010 and this is a 42 USC 1983 Action)

Breedlove Estate Complaint 21 December 2011

Breedlove Estate Order 19 April 2013


The Original Attack on Craigslist Adult Categories

MBI to Buckmaster September 2007

MBI to Buckmaster November 2007

Buckmaster to MBI November 2007

MBI to Buckmaster January 2008

MBI to Buckmaster March 2008

Bingo Racketeering Case

Philip Furtney & Pondella Hall for Hire, Inc is the most bizarre racketeering case ever. The case began in 1994 when criminal racketeering charges were filed and continues today as the family attempts to collect what they’re owed from the State of Florida. This is the Florida Supreme Court Brief and the State’s response (interesting read and an Orlando MBI case):

Most bizarre racketeering case ever

Pondella Hall for Hire – Bingo Racketeering Case