Paul Bergrin

The truth about the Paul Bergrin prosecution:


Paul Bergrin is a prominent, well known and brilliant defense attorney who relentlessly pursued the United States government and military while representing soldiers in the Abu Ghraib and Operation Iron Triangle cases who he felt were wrongfully set-up to take the fall for abuses in Iraq. His position is that the higher ups not only knew about the abuses at Abu Ghraib, but that they had authorized them and that during the Operation Iron Triangle raid the soldiers were following the ROE (rules of engagement), which was to kill every Iraqi male of military age on sight. Bergrin sought to prove that many of these orders came from as high up as the White House.

In fact, Paul Bergrin was one of the first people to uncover these connections and to go public with them. He publicly stated that Rumsfeld signed documents authorizing hooding, nudity, the use of dogs etc… and he requested to put both Bush and Rumsfeld on the stand. Whereas the first Abu Ghraib cases were being tried in Iraq, Bergrin was one of the first attorneys to demand that the case involving his client, Javal Davis, be held in the United States. That way the American public could better learn the truth about what was really going on.


Today Paul Bergrin is sitting in a prison in Brooklyn, New York, found guilty by a jury on false charges of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and many more. (Most of the US Prosecutor’s case against Paul is based on statements by lying criminal informants seeking freedom on their own real charges). There is now (June 2013) solid evidence that the worst charge (conspiracy to murder informant Kemo Deshawn McCray) was false.

Could his relentless pursuit of justice for the cases that he defended involving Iraq have anything to do with the charges he is currently facing? For more information about who Paul Bergrin really is, read Maximum Hypocrisy below:


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