Consultant Services

The consultations that I offer are on opening and operating an escort service or an entertainment company.

I cannot offer any legal advice because I am not an attorney. If you are seeking legal advice, you will need to consult with an attorney in the area that you intend to open your business – this is also stated in the books. I can always tell you how I did something or how I would do it, but that may or may not apply to your specific location.

You will have the best outcome with a consultation if you have already read the book, completed the state paperwork necessary to open a business, and have the website up and ready to go. A consultation will be complicated if you have not yet read the book, but I can manage it if you can. I find that consultations are more productive if you have your questions ready.

The only consultation services that I am currently offering is for up to 2 hours telephone consultation. You ask and I answer – $140

Operation hours for consultations are 3PM until 2AM EST! Reserve your time now!

All payments must be received at least 24 hours before the consultation is scheduled to take place. If you’re serious about a consultation, contact me for payment instructions.