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Forget what I said in the book on two issues: Don’t use Go Daddy’s Website Tonight design program because there are easier and better tools for designing in WordPress these days. Don’t limit yourself to one website – you’re better off with two or more as a result of changes to search engine indexing (specifically Google).

This website is hosted by You may notice that it is always up when you drop-in for a visit. That is really important. I really like or I wouldn’t have this site hosted with them. Feel free to click and see how it all works at where they specialize in hosting WordPress websites and blogs. This is a WordPress site, just in case you are unaware of that fact.

I do recommend having one site hosted with It will be the site that you know is always accessible.The rate is now $24.95 a month and is referred to as the “Personal Plan” for sites with 10K or less visits a month – you can always upgrade later if necessary. They used to include free 1-year registration for the domain name too, but I no longer see that; no matter.

The price for hosting a website at has gone-up since I last blogged on the topic, though I have not yet seen the increase in my monthly bill. Anyway, it’s worth it – I trust this site to as you should with your main website. No, I am not being paid or compensated in any way to say this, unless you click on my affiliate widget in the sidebar, which no one ever does anyway.

I also recommend opening an account with Go Daddy. Buy your domain names through Go Daddy with their special pricing for bulk purchases. If you buy 6 domains, you receive private registration free and privacy is very important. Just make the registration for 1 year at a time so you can drop any domains that do not make you money at the end of that year.

Important note: Open the account online and place your chosen domains in the shopping cart, but call to place the order as you’ll probably receive a better discount – also you can add private registration only by calling, unless they fixed it. Have your account number and credit card ready when you call.

Also sign-up for a hosting account with Go Daddy. This is where you will host your remaining 5 domains – the main one will be hosted by At Go Daddy, the best choice for a hosting account is the “Deluxe Plan” for Linux and you could actually host up to 400 domains in that one account. Make sure to choose Linux and not Windows hosting – WordPress requires Linux hosting and this has nothing whatsoever to do with the operating system of your PC or laptop. The Deluxe Plan currently runs $7.99 a month or less if you pay for a year in advance. Do what you can afford with this purchase.

You will need to do some reading on the Go Daddy website to set-up your domains with WordPress and often the sales rep will email you links to the important information once the sale is made. I like Go Daddy, but have websites hosted in a hosting account there and sometimes those sites are down. It ain’t 99% uptime, but you shouldn’t expect it to be for the price. What happens is that there are too many domains on a server and the servers seem to be old or problematic. Regardless, the shared hosting is a great value. The sites are usually up, so don’t sweat it.

If hosting so many sites is so cheap at Go Daddy, why do I want to use just finished some sort of transitioning that significantly improved something on the backend. Click on the link and read about the company and what they offer for that monthly price. Did you catch the part about “Bullet-proof security”? Or the part about, “Scaleable and fault tolerant to handle any spike in traffic”?

If you have no clue what either of these statements actually mean, then just trust me. If you do have a clue, then you should get it.

When I really like something, I rave about it. When I have issues with something, I often do not mention it to anyone. Admittedly, I had issues with Go Daddy hosting a while back, which is the main reason that this website is hosted by With Go Daddy shared hosting, someone sharing your IP can seriously overload a server resulting in your website not being viewable during their traffic surges. This happened to me far too often a while back and occasionally since. This is okay (acceptable for the great price) for your other websites, but not your main one.

Consider Go Daddy to be the Walmart and to be the mom and pop store. Walmart sometimes sucks, but we tolerate it because the prices are better. Mom and pop stores usually offer excellent service, better quality products, and personal attention. Walmart doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about you and your need for cheap shopping.

To summarize, I really do advise you to use both and Go Daddy. There’s no solid reason to spend more money every month for your secondary sites, but your main website should be important enough to do it the best possible way. WordPress hosting is now available in the UK and throughout Europe with a Point of Presence (POP) in the UK! For more information, please visit:

UK WordPress Hosting


Choosing the Domains


If you decide to go with one domain only then choose it as instructed in the book. If you go with my advice herein to buy six domains (bulk minimum) from Go Daddy, then choose your main domain name as instructed in the book and use a localization of sorts to choose the remaining five.

I know Miami area well so I will use it for the example here. You must also design the site accordingly – it won’t be the same as your main website. Some examples of using localization in the domain that are currently available: (Key Biscayne) (Coral Gables) (Brickell Avenue) (South Beach) (Coconut Grove) (Cutler Ridge) (Kendall) (Fisher Island) (Miami Shores) (Bal Harbour) (Aventura)

So hopefully you have the idea in relation to your own area of operation. There are people that use subdomains or even just pages for this purpose, but in a short time your site would beat any in search rankings. You must also focus your site title and design on the specific local area, but include a few mentions  and a discussion of the main area (Miami in this case).

It is not necessary to use all 6 domains for the escort business project. You could also choose to diversify and use one for a party stripper business and another specifically for bachelor parties or stripper grams. An example of currently available domains for this purpose:

A stripper-gram business is usually welcome in any area and you’ll find that a variety of people will book a stripper for one of those short (15 minute) costumed strips for an office retirement party or a birthday surprise or almost any occasion. This can become a lucrative business in short time with recommendations from customers. I know someone that used to do this (she was the stripper and the owner and also booked male strippers) and we used to refer to it as a strip-o-gram, but even back then that term was trademarked and the owners threatened to sue my friend for using it, which is why I call it a stripper-gram; it doesn’t seem to be trademarked now though.

I just did an electronic trademark search and it was filed in 1983 and cancelled in 1993. Wow – a new idea for an entrepreneurial reader! I will add a few domains to the list of possibilities:


Using WordPress to Design the Website


I have been working with WordPress for more than a year now and will say that you do have to view a few YouTubes and learn as you go, but if you have no website design experience or education, it is the only way to go. You can change the entire theme whenever you want to – some of you may notice that I recently changed mine. You can add or delete images whenever you need to. You can do almost anything better in WordPress and you won’t be stuck begging your site designer to make updates or paying dearly for it. Installing WordPress is free and there are thousands of plug-ins available for almost any function imaginable.

At they install and update WordPress for you – it is included in the monthly price. At Go Daddy you install and do your own updates.

I am one of those people that has been online many years – since 1993. However, As I stated in the Blueprint books, I always paid someone else to deal with websites and it was a great expense. The first website that I had designed cost me around $5K for design alone and it had a sort of Tinkerbell character waving a wand from a champagne glass – the graphic designer had previously worked for Disney and left to get in on a new internet start-up. Even Toyota and Disney didn’t have websites back in those days, there were less than 25K websites indexed in Yahoo!, and Google did not exist. Hard to imagine, right?

If you go to YouTube and search for the term “WordPress” you’ll find many how-to videos to help you get started.

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