Business Models

There are many possible variations of the escort business operation model described in Blueprint for an Escort Service.

The specific business model that you choose may depend on where you intend to operate your escort service and the level of acceptability in that area. Other considerations are personal preferences and financial expectations. The model in the books is considered a classic model, though you can always make minor adjustments and operate differently.


The list below is of similar business models and could be used as a sideline to your classic escort business or your entire focus and specialization. A couple on the list are a slight variation of the original classic model.

Hopefully this will give you a few ideas for using the extra domain names other than as localized websites. In many areas of the US, party businesses are licensed the same as escort services so they are included:


1. The Escort Referral Service:

This is my version of the escort referral service and it is not necessarily the same as any other version. This operation would charge only one fee that is considered an introduction fee and that’s the only true way it could be called a referral service. This works well with independent escorts that have their own websites seeking extra calls based on your marketing and referral efforts.

No matter how many hours the escorts stay at calls only the one fee would be charged – the number of hours falls in the category of not your concern. The escort would be free (as a free agent) to give her personal telephone number to a client and see that client repeatedly in the future without paying any fee or having any contact with the referral service.

If the client calls the service to arrange an appointment then the referral fee is charged, even if she has seen him before. You are not her personal (and free) answering service. If the client calls for a different escort a fee is charged. The point is that there is one fee for any referral that the escort referral service makes.

Such a business model could indeed get by with a license for “internet marketing” or something similar. I see people calling an escort service an “escort referral service” though and operating and charging as an escort agency does – in my opinion, this doesn’t fly and wouldn’t in court if the operator is arrested on a license related charge. It requires analysis of the operation and level of participation and with my model, your participation is minimal.

I would suggest that you read the local ordinance in the area you intend to operate. For example, this won’t work in Las Vegas as the part of the ordinance covering “outcall promoter” covers any aspect of dispatching or referring escorts to appointments. Most cities do not have the “outcall promoter” category though and ordinances do not broadly cover it all.


2. Stripper Grams (stripper-gram, strip-o-gram, a short, costumed strip for a special occasion):