Blueprint Updates

In the near future, this is where you will find all Blueprint updates. I decided not to publish any future editions of any Blueprint books because there really isn’t that much to update with the exception of tech-related information. There are always variations in how you can accomplish setting-up and operating your escort or entertainment business and if you are entrepreneurial, you’ll figure it out as you go along.


All information in relation to website hosting and design is found on the Websites page. Working with WordPress websites is simple once you do it once and it doesn’t take too much effort to learn. These days a local presence is absolutely necessary and all updated information is found on the Focus on Local page. Any important updates related to advertising your business, including both print and online, is located on the Advertising page. Last, but not least, if using a variation of the business model in the books is of interest to you, visit the Business Models page for ideas and information.


One main issue to update from the books is that cost of licensing has gone-up in most geographical areas. All services provided by state, county, and city in Florida are now higher and I will assume that this is true in most places. Even a traffic ticket that used to cost $105 is now $185 or higher. It is all a result of cuts in funding and way beyond my control or yours. It is the cost of doing business and a fact of life.

A main theme that I will be focusing on is reaching your audience that is online via a mobile device, tablet, or smartphone. My recent research has revealed that this is how the great majority of clients and customers are searching and your website(s) and ads should be targeting this market more than any other.

The necessary focus on local begins with Google Places. When I published the Blueprint books, this was referred to as Maps; however, they are now separate. There is nothing that will make the phones ring like a Places listing on the first page of relevant search results. Securing a listing in Yahoo! Local and Bing Local is easier than it was in past and is also a necessity today, but it all begins with listing your business with other local search websites.


Some information from the Blueprint Updates on the Blueprint Blog is repeated as it is still current, but there is much new information on the above noted pages herein as well.