The original Memoirs of an Accused Madam: The War on Adult Business in Orlando used aliases for the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MBI) agents throughout. The Second Edition eliminates agents’ aliases and many state witness aliases.


Memoirs of an Accused Madam


You will never view escort services in the same way again. This is an account that exposes a hidden world that many have preconceived notions about. There is always another side to the story.

The story begins in early 1993, with the discovery of blocks on escort service telephone lines in Orlando area resort PBX systems during large convention bookings. The blocks began in the late 1980s and were not isolated to the Orlando area, but were also in operation in Las Vegas. The blocks have evolved in form, but still exist today.

In 1992, Vicky Gallas opened escort services in Orlando, Florida. Two years later she became the focus of an intense criminal investigation that resulted in her arrest in late 2001, and subsequent jury trial and acquittal by the jury in 2003. In this hard-hitting memoir, she reveals how racketeering and organized crime charges were brought against her based on proof so flimsy that agents and prosecutors could not get a wiretap or a warrant to search.

For anyone fascinated with the foibles of our criminal justice system, the sensational Orlando connection, and how escort services really work, this is a must-read book.

The original Memoirs is only available in paperback on The Second Edition was edited, eliminates most aliases, and has updates to the ongoing story throughout.